AirVPN Review

AirVPN is one of the most popular and used VPNs at the moment. They provide some of the best encryption and speeds in the industry and it's no surprise the often rank at the very top in multiple "Best VPN" rankings. They offer a sweet combo of specs and price and I personally like to recommend them if you are actively shopping around for a new VPN provider. I will be posting an in-depth review of AirVPN soon but the meantime check this blog for all the latest AirVPN coupon codes, deals and promotions.

Astrill VPN Review

Astrill offers VPN services and has been doing so since the year 2009.  They started in Australia and have since expanded around the world, as many travelers and expats rely on secure browsing and connecting so that they can be safe, do business online anonymously, or access blocked sites.  This type of technology allows users to change their location, IP and country of origin.  The company offers business solutions as well as personal VPN.  Astrill VPN is recognized by its circled star logo as well as the image of a skyscraper. 

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Banana VPN

Banana VPN—it’s hard to forget such a creative name and such an obvious corporate symbol (yes, a bunch of bananas).  However, the company is no monkey business and has been rapidly growing since 2007. The company is based in the Cyprus, and was founded by Johnny K, who provides a direct email address to interested customers. The company offers anonymous and secure VPN, as well as Internet browsing.  Banana VPN adheres to ethical business standards, and thus states that it will not tolerate illegal activity on its network, including P2P. Banana VPN has already attracted the attention of major publications, including PC World, ZDNet and PCM
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